The creation process is based on sensations and experience. For us, audio quality and materials go hand in hand. The quality of materials cannot be understood without looking at the past and understanding which ones have been used since the origins to make musical instruments. And yes, the fundamental material is wood, used for those instruments that have a resonance box. Currently, we find carbon fiber instruments, and technical plastics, but we continue to enjoy wooden instruments.

In the world of loudspeakers, other materials have been used in recent decades, such as aluminum, carbon fiber and lately epoxy resin with different additives as a paradigm of HighEnd audio. For us, it is a mistake to use these materials, due to their low resistance and their lack of "life" in sound reproduction.

The Jazz series continues to advance on this path of excellence, using birch plywood as its base material, constructed uniquely called Dualbox.

Jazz speaker and Big Jazz speaker are designed to meet the highest sound quality standards, differing only in the size of the listening room in which they will be installed. Jazz works without pressure in rooms up to 20 square meters. Big Jazz will work perfectly from 20 meters up to 100 square meters.

Chance is not an option in Jazz, on the contrary, all the construction details have a specific purpose: their layout, their size, the materials, their decouplers, their electronics... All of them together put the Jazz series in another dimension.

With Jazz, we have achieved the impossible, making a system of ceramic drivers sound warm and deep, but with the characteristic dynamics and precision that only this type of material can offer.

Jazz is the milestone of 30 years of experience in acoustic craftsmanship, exclusivity and luxury, placing diamond drivers at the most affordable price on the market.