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Every audiophile knows that a very important part of a sound system, apart from loudspeakers and electronics, is the listening room. In the market there are fantastic solutions to turn your living room into a hearing room. Unfortunately the prices are very high and generally nothing is done to solve the echoes and resonances caused by the speakers. The result is a sense of frustration, which sometimes ends with the systematic change of the speaker system without finding a satisfactory solution. We want our speakers to be your definitive system, and we give you the opportunity to have an adapted listening room for a minimum cost. If you also decide to acquire our subwoofer systems with built-in DSP, we will be the ones who adjust everything necessary so that the hearing sensation will be exceptional.

bonySound room

At bonySound we pamper the details. The delight of the sense of sight is also important in every hearing room. The electronics must to be dressed with details that are similar to the speakers, and for this we have audio tables designed and manufactured with the same detail and features as our columns and apapted to our electronics. We don't sell these audio tables separately, they are a plus of quality to the whole, and their price is a gift to your pocket.

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