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bonySound Experience 2017

It is a pleasure to be able to present our designs for the first time in Madrid. This HIFI day was full of surprises with a detailed exhibition of the technology used in our designs by the brand designer.


It explained all the technical details of the operation of our enclosures, from the system used in electronic filters to the reason of the dualbox structure. A dual passive filter setup installed in our Symphony columns showed attendees how electronics allows different types of sound response with the same driver and box configuration.


But the most important thing was music, and for that they reproduced different types of music with different recording formats: vinyl, CD and streaming. Of them vinyl was the most valued to have a Turn Table (AMG) and a previous tube phono stage (Aesthetix) audio quality provided by Ars Antiqua Audio of Madrid supported by an electronic Exposure supplied by Studio22 of Madrid. In the auditions the Symphony were tested with the best reference recordings, allowing to flourish all the details and dynamics with high levels of sound pressure. Only in these conditions, and accompanied by select electronics, is it possible to certify the sound quality of a Acoustic Column.


In short an exceptional and enjoyable day highly valued by the audience, which we hope has been of use to the musical and technological culture. Bonysound will always be with music lovers and we hope to see you again in the near future in the Capital. We want to thank those attending, some of whom traveled a few Km's to come.


An important mention to D. Jorge Castellano of Alma Audio for his support and professionalism in the event and contribution with audiophile recordings on Vinyl format (Reference Recordings), a Luxury.

2-18-2017: Event highlights Symphony Columns

1-1-2018: New DSP Subwoofer Deep Drum

"The complement of the system that will open your eyes to the sound sensations"

Deep Drum bonySound

The Spanish brand BonySound High End Loudspeakers has presented its products for the first time to the public at AVMExperience 2018. For this exceptional occasion, the innovative Symphony II columns and the innovative Deep Drum subwoofer have been chosen, both aimed at combating the reference acoustic boxes of the international market.


The Symphony II columns impressed by the uniqueness of its design, the quality of its construction and its finishes inspired by musical instruments, unique characteristics that define the brand and that differentiate it from the rest of the market: a combination of improved DualBox® acoustics. hand-mounted box, made with 100% birch wood and stainless steel with individual adjustment, and finally an exceptional electronics. Its high-level acoustic capabilities stood out for its amplitude of sound scene, realism and harmonic details. The public that is not familiar with this type of speakers, has been knew where the technological limits of audio quality are nowadays.


The Deep Drum subwoofer also did not go unnoticed due to its design and exclusive size. With its more than 90 kilos of DualBox® acoustic box made of 100% birch wood and its 12 " driber, it showed at all times what it is capable of doing: depth in the most bass spectrum and complete integration with the Symphony column, given the astonishment that produced not knowing if the subwoofer was connected or not.


The electronics used for the occasion lived up to the quality of the premises. We highlight the CDR / DAC C8 + model from Metronome Technologies and the Moon 700i amplifier, which made the HIGH END skills of the Symphony columns flourish at exceptional listening levels.


Independently of the type of music reproduced, the system behaved in a spectacular way in all the genres reproduced and especially in the classical baroque music, where the strings stood out for their realistic harmonic spectrum, as well as for a broad and dynamic sound image.


The most valued by the expert audience of Madrileño was that he was able to enjoy his favorite albums on demand without any type of limitation, and in this way to inform directly the brand designer Maximino López present at the event, his positive feelings.


BonySound leaves the AVMExperience fair with the illusion of a job well done and with the acceptance of the most demanding public, hoping that this workshop of personalized speakers of Spanish artisans can make a place in the exclusive world of Audio HIGH END.

2018-5: BonySound High End Loudspeakers was present at the AVMExperience 2018 event in Madrid.