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Reference model in two-way Acoustic Columns that integrates ceramic speakers from the German brand Accuton. The middle tones are clear and real, creating a sound image in which the spatial distribution of the Musical Instruments as well as the human voice is clearly distinguished. Its bass is impressive for its forcefulness and dynamics thanks to the Dualbox structure.


These Acoustic Columns dazzle for their precision in sound reproduction, without a doubt a sound experience that you have to experience. Designed for rooms with medium dimensions, they have an elegant aesthetic that beautifies the listening room.


They are available in two versions, standard and Diamond, where the difference lies in the drivers and electronics, sharing the same acoustic enclosure.

Gran Symphonic

Three-way system with passive radiator, designed for solutions where a greater extension of bass is necessary, using the best drivers of the German brand ACCUTON in conjunction with MUNDORF electronics.


It allows the amateur to enjoy with high levels of sound pressure, keeping distortion levels to a minimum, with extreme clarity and transparency.


The details matter, and the Great Symphonic are manufactured taking into account all those aspects that affect the sound quality. The enclosure is distributed in two Dualbox compartments, one for mid-high and one for bass with passive radiator, located all the electronic part outside in a separate cabin.


Designed for large rooms with a high power capacity (up to 300Wrms), they are undoubtedly the system that any audiophile dreams of enjoying his favorite music.


They are available in two versions, standard and Diamond, where the difference lies in the drivers and electronics, sharing the same acoustic enclosure.

Symphony II

Your bonySound Speakers

"It is not enough to feel the music, it is also necessary to see it"

(Igor F. Stravinsky).

The ultimate subwoofer for a high performance audio system that incorporates 11 "ACCUTON spherical honeycomb drivers manufactured in aluminum. These latest-generation drivers have a resonance frequency of 22 Hz, allowing them to reproduce as far as the human ear is able to perceive without distortion and with an exceptional sound focus. The system works with a passive radiator of the same characteristics as the driver, amplified in class D with 500Wrms and built-in DSP.


Unlike the usual self-amplifying subwoofers the Deep Drum mounts the amplifier in an isolated and ventilated cubicle separated from the driver's camera, this fact prevents overheating and vibrations, increasing the durability of the equipment.


The improved structure Dualbox designed for the subwoofer has a spectacular rigidity, which is reflected in the cleanliness of the broad spectrum that can reproduce serious, no more or less than from 22Hz to 600Hz.


Imagine a subwoofer that allows you to equalize your room with a range of frequencies that falls within the bass (and not the usual sub bass) and helps your audio system reproduce those basses you missed so much. Imagine that you can connect it to your computer via WIFI, and load in the memory of your DSP the equalization curves of your room, being able to perfectly adjust all the parameters (delay, cutting frequency, equalizer, gain, etc ...) without getting up from your sofa. This and more is Deep Drum, the subwoofer that few manufacturers dare to manufacture.


And do not worry, there we will be to integrate it into your system and teach you how to manage it, so that you can configure it yourself as you like.

Deep Drum