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We work exclusively with the cutting edge speakers of the ACCUTON brand market, for its High End audiophile features and its proven quality. This means that we can manufacture any variant of our loudspeakers with any driver, be it ceramic, diamond or aluminum, allowing a level of customization and features for high resolution sound that can border on excellence in High End.


To control our drivers, we exclusively use MUNDORF electronic components of the supreme series, both in resistors and in capacitors and CFC for the coils. In the development of the filter divisor of frequencies, which is mounted isolated in the base of our enclosures, we take into account all the aspects that intervene in the control of the drivers. The result is a tonal balance and a clear and enlarged sound image.


All the enclosures are manufactured entirely and exclusively in birch plywood, using a 3D structure patented by bonySound called Dualbox. We use this material and no other because of the rigidity that it implements to the structure, after long tests with other materials more common in the big market.


"The sound flows and is transformed through the materials"

Colors & Finishes

"Marks your own style, that no one decides for you"

We want to give our products the best possible finish regardless of the chosen model or its color, for this we use the same products that are used to manufacture musical instruments and luxury furniture, a surface with a lacquered in high gloss (or matt), polished to hand and resistant to daily use.


The exterior metal aesthetic details can be gold or silver depending on your personal tastes, in case you decide to ornament the exterior of the cabinet with details of musical instruments. If you like more stylized and conventional lines, the exterior design will remain as it appears in the product photos in the LOUDSPEAKERS section.


We show you some examples of finishing from our 22 colour standard, but you decide the final color to your liking, without additional cost and always on an authentic wood base.

DualBox Enclosure

Think of an acoustic enclosure where the sound only comes out through the speakers and you do not hear echoes in the box or unpleasant resonances. An enclosure built by hand, made of natural wood, which incorporates the best drivers on the market and with exceptional finishes reserved for musical instruments. All this and more is Dualbox.


We bet on the R + D + i in our products, and all our engineering effort and the creativity is the DUALBOX system, a box free of resonances, with a sharp and controlled response in the bass and medium frequency. This translates into a greater definition of the sound message, to expand the scene and listen to the silence between the instruments.


The construction process is laborious and completely manual, with a final result that makes the difference.


The Acoustic Boxes as well as the musical instruments must to be tuned, therefore we tune the boxes one by one, so that the naturalness and depth that defines our HIEND enclosures flows.

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